Onsite Classes Available for:

Risk Management

Threat Assessment

Active Shooter

Tactical Self-defense for LEO

Surviving a Critical Incident - Civilian

Employee Safety


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About Us

 People come to the Firearms Institute of Specialized Training for one reason – to learn what they need to do to protect themselves, others, and their properties. FIST is an Exeter Borough-based firearms training company that offers comprehensive practical tactical firearms training to civilians and law enforcement personnel.

Learn Hands-On Skills

Practical application of what you have learned. Learn the right way in a safe environment utilizing UTM Rounds.

Classroom Instruction

Some lessons must be learned in a classroom prior to the hands on portion. I am sure you'll find our instruction is thorough and well-prepared.

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 I attended the Level 1 Handgun Safety Class. The class was very informative. I was afraid at first, having not fired a gun in many, many years and wasn't sure of what to expect. We learned about the laws pertaining to handguns, the types of handguns, safety, proper maintenance and most importantly how and when to use them. This was done in a controlled environment with the assistance of professional instructors. Len took the time to answer questions and calm our nerves. Students who have never shot a gun or those who are veterans to firearms will find the system that Len utilizes in this class extremely interesting. He is the only one in the area with this system. I cannot wait to take the Level 2 class which will challenge us even more. Len and his instructors make it interesting and pertinent to what is needed to protect yourself and your property in today's day and age. I have to say after participating in this class, I have a new found appreciation for what our policemen and women go through. I have always admired and respected their positions, but even more so now. This isn't just a point and shoot class. Get ready to be challenged! 

Great Classes, Fantastic Teachers

 I have completed level 1 and level 2 of the tactical civilian pistol trainings and will be completing levels 3 and 4 also and any other trainings (rifles etc). These are great classes and the teachers are fantastic. What you will learn is very useful and the hands on training is invaluable. I'd recommend these trainings to anyone.

Exactly What I Needed

 This class was exactly what I needed. Perfect for a beginner. Learned so much!! Thank you!! 

Professionally Run

Attended another class today (level two). This was a very good class. I have attended many classes for my job. It is always nice to attend a class that is so professionally run. Thank you for a good experience.